Process Consumables: Global reach, local resources
Praxair Electronics

Process Gases

Praxair Electronics offers a complete portfolio of semiconductor process gases from state-of-the-art facilities in North America, Europe and Asia. Our products satisfy exacting standards for quality control, reliability and high-purity to meet the stringent needs of the silicon, compound semiconductor, LCD and LED markets.

We understand the requirements for stringent purity and uniformity necessary for consistent, high-volume device fabrication. Trace impurities at the parts-per-billion, and even parts-per-trillion levels, are measured and controlled.

Our offerings include silicon precursors, dopants, etchants, reactants, mixtures and inerts–available in every major cylinder and valve type. Praxair Electronics has gas manufacturing and processing facilities worldwide. Our Kingman, Arizona facility, in operation since 1991, manufactures arsine and phosphine. It also houses transfill systems for silane, chlorosilanes, ammonia and various halocarbons among other process gases. Our Oevel, Belgium facility began operations in 1974, and offers a complete portfolio of gases. In 2003, state-of-the-art automated equipment and advanced technology processes were added to drain, prepare, fill and test cylinders to meet higher standards required for next-generation devices. Praxair’s facility in Giheung, Korea is home to the largest UHP pipeline complex in the world. In addition, our electronics specialty gas plant provides local and regional support to our customers. In Taiwan, Praxair provides local transfill of silane and a full semiconductor process gas portfolio from Hsin Chu.

Praxair Electronics