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Praxair Electronics

Next-Generation Deposition Materials

Praxair Electronics has the full capability to develop and supply advanced deposition materials, including a 300mm applications lab, joint development with OEMs, and high-volume 300mm target manufacturing. These capabilities enable us to supply our customers with target and precursor solutions to meet their technology and cost of ownership objectives.
David Strauss
Managing director
Deposition materials
Praxair Electronics
Praxair Electronics’ customers are always extending the leading edge of semiconductor technologies. As a supplier-partner to these companies, Praxair Electronics is committed to a level of technological innovation and quality supply that enables our customers to maintain their competitive edge.

Praxair Electronics continually expands its manufacturing capabilities and technical support. Recently, the company expanded its state-of-the-art applications labs with an advanced 300mm PVD deposition system, able to test Praxair’s copper and tantalum 300mm targets under fab-like conditions and with an ALD/CVD deposition system. We use these facilities for joint development of new targets and precursors with leading OEMs, and for performance testing with customers.

Praxair Electronics