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Praxair Electronics

CMP Consumables

Praxair Electronics offers a line of colloidal silica polishing slurries used for chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) of oxide layers in semiconductor wafers. Praxair has over 40 years of abrasive and suspension development and manufacturing experience. The CMP oxide slurries are available in either potassium or ammonia-based forms. Both types have demonstrated high removal rates combined with very low WIW (wafer-in-wafer) and WTW (wafer-to-wafer) non-uniformities and minimal defectivity. Our slurries are specifically formulated for oxide CMP planarization, and produce a consistent polishing performance that is clean and cost effective.

Our alliance with H.C. Starck GmbH to develop, manufacture and supply colloidal silica slurries improves our ability to leverage the expertise of both companies to develop products with low cost of ownership for global distribution.

In addition to polishing slurries, Praxair Electronics offers high-performance CMP polishing belts and pads. Our 200mm and 300mm belts and pads have been developed in conjunction with leading CMP tool OEMs. Our belts have been used for over four years in high-volume production at a leading semiconductor fab.

Praxair Electronics’ belt and pad products are made using the same, patented process technology. Benefits include superior performance, greater consistency, ease of use, and reduced cost of ownership. Each belt and pad is individually cast, finished, cleaned and packaged in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Salem, New Hampshire.

Praxair Electronics