Advancing Technology
Praxair Electronics

Advancing technology is one more important way that Praxair Electronics provides value for our semiconductor customers.

By staying at the forefront of gas and materials technologies, Praxair Electronics helps semiconductor manufacturers and OEMs to improve equipment productivity and implement advanced production technologies. We are building on our strong process materials competencies and experience in gases production, purification and analytical technology, combined with our outstanding materials science capability in metallurgy and ceramics.

Here are a few of the areas of innovation that Praxair Electronics is currently pursuing:
  • Organometallic thin-film deposition materials: ALD precursor development for high-k dielectrics, barriers, and metal gate; synthesis and purification of Hf, Ru, Ta, Si, and Pt, among other materials
  • Sputtering targets: proprietary metallurgy for improved uniformity, consistency and unique designs for low cost of ownership
  • New alternatives for CMP pads and slurries
  • UpTime package: Praxair’s patented dopant gas delivery system
  • Process gases: next-generation hydride gas purities for epitaxial processing including SiGe and compound semiconductor films
  • Next-generation cleaning technologies: supercritical CO2 for advanced wafer processing
  • Surface coatings: improved chamber productivity with yttria and other advanced coatings

R&D platforms for material science and gas technology

R&D platforms for material science and gas technology

Praxair Electronics